Best Mountain Bikes Under 200

Mountain bikes are generally bikes that are designed to be ridden off road on a variety of diverse terrains like rocky surfaces, gravel roads, logging roads and mountain trails among many others. They offer riders a sense of adventure and the terrains they are ridden over imply that they should be ruggedly built to withstand the conditions. There are a wide variety of mountain bikes available and one’s choice depends on the customer’s preferences and budgetary constraints.

Kent Thruster Kz2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Features and Benefits

1. High Quality Construction and Design

The Kent Thruster mountain bike is based on a strong, lightweight and durable aluminum frame coupled to a full floating beam dual suspension. It has a 36 spoke alloy rim setup that adds to the visual appeal of the mountain bike.

2. Superior Braking System

The effective braking system on the Kent Thruster mountain bike is the disk type and has front and rear linear pull to ensure a strong and safe braking ability.

3. Flexibility and Durability

The aluminum material used in the frame and wheel is strong, lightweight and durable. This ensures that the bike is long-lasting.

4. Comfortable Ride Experience

The full dual suspension system of the Kent Thruster mountain bike confers incredible cushioning effect especially when the mountain bike is ridden over unforgiving terrain. This ensures that the rider has a comfortable, adventurous and exhilarating ride experience over diverse terrains.

The bike has a 21 speed Shimano rapid fire shifters that enable the gears to be shifted with ease as they are practically placed on the comfortable handlebar.

5. Product Specifications and Capacity

The Kent Thruster dual suspension mountain bike has overall dimensions of 54.5 X 8.5 X 27 inches (L X W X H). The mountain bike weighs 40 pounds and has a wheel size of 26 inches in diameter.

The Kent Thruster mountain bike has 12 speed settings to ensure that the rider can adjust their cycling rate depending on their mood and stamina.

6. Pricing Details

The Kent Thruster Dual Suspension mountain bike has a list price of US $ 299.99. offers a remarkable discount rate of 26% and this confers savings of US $ 76.52. This results in a best buy price tag of US $ 223.47.


Best Mountain Bikes Under 200The Kent Thruster Dual Suspension mountain bike was accorded a modest 3.5 out of 5 stars based on comprehensive customer reviews on mountain bikes under 200. One particularly satisfied Amazon customer, J.Gardner says the bike has a great, practical design and is visually appealing. He particularly heaps praises on its solid aluminum frame and effective braking system. S. Seagal, another obviously satisfied customer says that it is the best mountain bike he has owned though he points out that the handlebars are not exactly comfortable.


  1. High quality build and quality construction.
  2. Relatively easy to assemble and put together.
  3. Cost effective price and great value for money.
  4. Superior ride experience due to dual shock suspension.
  5. Durable, sturdy and long lasting frame.
  6. Great braking system.
  7. Beautiful color scheme and great visual appeal.
  8. High night visibility due to integral caution light.


  1. Slightly uncomfortable seat.
  2. Tires are too soft and not too thick.
  3. Flimsy cable caps.


There are a number of reasons why customers would want to buy mountain bikes under 200 and they include the following:

1. Cost Effective and Value for Money

The most important reason why a customer would want to buy a mountain bike that costs less than US $ 200 is its pocket friendly price that fits within most budgetary constraints. This does not mean that the mountain bike should not have a compromised build quality. It is important for the customer to ensure that the mountain bike has all the essential features and is built to withstand the rigors of mountain biking.

2. Wheel Size

Most mountain bikes that cost under US $ 200 tend to employ the use of a double walled rim and this ensures that the bike can withstand heavy weight loads. More often than not, expensive mountain bikes tend to have wheels with a 29 inch size, though this would pose challenges for short riders. A great compromise would be a 26 or 27.5 inch wheel size, a common feature of mountain bikes that cost less than US $ 200. The only downside of smaller tire sizes is that they tend to rollover especially when the bike encounters obstacles.

3. Frame Size

Mountain bikes that cost less than US $ 200 are usually advertised based on their tire size rather than the frame size. It is imperative that a potential customer should discern between the two in order to ensure that the bike is a perfect fit. The frame size of a mountain bike is the distance between the points where the seat post begins to the point where the crank assembly enters the bike frame. This dimension should be adequate to accommodate the height of the rider.

4. Maintenance

More often than not, the mountain bikes costing less than US $ 200 are constructed using cost effective components, parts and materials. They tend to break down more easily than their expensive counterparts. The manufacturers are well aware of this fact and in this regard, they tend to design the bikes along with a wide variety of spares, components and parts for replacement in case of breakdowns.

5. Flexibility

The relatively low cost of the integral parts and components of the best mountain bikes under 200 makes them easy to replace and modify to suit the riders whims. Expensive custom mountain bikes are usually constructed and designed with a particular rider in mind. Mountain bikes that cost less than US $ 200 are usually designed with the greater populace in mind. This inherently means that the best mountain bikes under 200 can be used by a wide variety of riders and cyclists.

6. Relevance

The best mountain bikes under 200 are usually relatively cheap and cost effective, especially from the manufacturer’s point of view. This makes it easier for the manufacturer to upgrade later versions of the mountain bikes and keep up with emerging design and construction in the biking industry. This enables the best mountain bikes under 200 to stay relevant, modern and up to date.

7. Availability

The fact that the mountain bikes cost less than US $ 200 makes the mountain bikes readily available in the market. This is as opposed to their more steeply priced mountain bike counterparts that are not only expensive, but are available for niche clients and are sold in selected outlets.

8. Braking System

Mountain bikes that are expensive usually tend to have an hydraulic braking system which has superior stopping power. In spite of their great stopping power, the hydraulic braking system is quite difficult and expensive to maintain, especially in a Do-It-Yourself setting. Mountain bikes that cost less than US $ 200 have mechanical braking systems which are quite easy to service and maintain.

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